• Infinite variety of extraordinary home cooked food by mothers, daughters and wives.

  • We bring the best soulful home-cooked food of what your city has to offer (secretly), easily to your plates.

    What do we do?

    Now, you can choose the best exotic cuisines to simple and healthy food, home cooked and fresh. We curate the best home-cooks from all around your city. We are here to cater to your every food need- from fresh meals to pure packaged food. Connect with us and the rest, as they say, shall be history. Say goodbye to mass-produced food. Welcome soulful eating!

    Who are we?

    We are a team built of a brilliant visionary, passionate techie and a soulful chef.

    How do we shake & bake?

    Its as simple as placing an order through a simple and intelligent designed mobile app. All our beautiful cooks are natural chefs. Food has never been this good. Talk to us, tell us about your favourite cuisines and food fantasies. We will help you nourish your soul everyday! 

  • Our Soul Food Chefs

    Say hello to our superstars!

    Soni Kesarwani

    Meet our debut Soul Food Chef. She is a beautiful homemaker from Lucknow, who has cooked passionately from the age of 10. Once you taste her food, there will be no where else, you'de rather eat. She is infact our pivoting inspiration to start this venture. Her free spirit and zest for life is infectious. Her food will go straight to your heart.

    Monisha Jain

    For past two years,she has been the go-to mother for kids attending Amity University,Noida where she used to run a cafe. She would single handedly prepare home cooked food for over hundred kids every day. This Soul Food chef, now working from her Noida home, is exploring new possibilities in Vegan Desserts. Her Vegan energy balls and Banana Carrot cake are to die for among other mouth watering recipes.

  • Here's what drives us, to nurture every brilliant Homechef, to be their own bread earners.

  • Where you'll find us





  • Let's connect, so we can keep you in the loop,of what's baking!

    We are growing and expanding. Currently growing in Lucknow. Sooner than later, we will be in your city, empowering many extra ordinary homecooks, to start their own food businesses, in turn bringing to you some soulful healthy food, made with love. We are happy to hear your feedback & especially about some hidden talent, near you!

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